I have played my fair share of drinking games through out the years. I have made some up and I have learned quite a few. In fact that is all I used to do is sit in my friends garage - play and make up drinking games! Oh the good ol' days before I entered the grown up life.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Beer Pong (of course) I feel I'm pretty awesome at Beer Pong! Throwing ping pong balls in cups HELL YEAH!

Beer Pong - Chelsea 103GBF
Beer Pong - Chelsea 103GBF

Flippy cup - You if you don't know how to play Flippy cup watch this video to learn!

Presidents and Assholes otherwise known as P & A
Click here for the rules.

Never have I ever - I feel like this one is self explanatory, but if you really don't know how to play you go around in your group and say a Never have I ever and if you have done it you drink....I like to suicide myself because I like to drink ;) Warning this game can get a little out of control not recommended to be played with someone your trying to impressed...you get called out A LOT! Or if you would like to know something about some one great game for that!

Waterfall -we all have different ways of playing at least I have been to many parties and they all have different rules...when you play all the time it gets boring so you have to switch it up every now and then. Google some rules if you want to have a little variety.

Drunken Jenga - My fiancee and I bought Jenga and wrote on the blocks different things for each player to do...Drinking is involved of course one block can say - chug your beer another one can say you have to hold hands with the person to your right while you draw your next block. And if you knock the whole things over you have to finish your beer. Pretty clever huh? Yea I can't take credit for the idea but it is pretty fun!

Do you have a favorite drinking game???? Comment below I like to try new things!

Happy Sunday Funday!! Cheers!

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