I was brought up with the mentality of I am who I am, will not be who you want me to be and if you don't like that then that's cool and go on about your business. I have always been straight forward no nonsense try to be drama free - I am just me as they say. So I want to share with ya a few confessions. You ready??? Better sit down I'm sure your not going to see these coming.

Confession #1

I absolutely love television shows like Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives, Gossip Girl, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars etcDon't judge! I like watching drama shows like that Why? I really don't know. But I get so addicted to them when I start one on Netflix I sit for hours on end (when I have time too) and watch them from beginning to end. I guess that is a girl thing.....even though I know a few guys that like their chick flick drama shows too...Just sayin'

Confession #2

I have a shopping problem. First step is admitting right? Well, I like to spend money! (What girl doesn't like to spend money!) For some women it is shoes....for me it is clothes I love jeans I have a ton of jeans that don't even fit anymore! I just have them because I'm not ready to part with them yet!

Confession #3

I met my fiancee at Scores Gentlemen club! Before you even start assuming...my forth confession isn't I'm a closet stripper....I'M NOT!!!!!! It was 2010 and we were at the Fast Eddy's Christmas party. I was actually there with a date. (Obviously that didn't work out haha) I went because of Thong Thursday and Fast Eddy's was my family I spent a lot of nights there...those stories are for another time...He came up to me an asked "Where is everyone else at?"

I said "Who? what are you talking about?" Mind you I was very intoxicated!

He said "GBF crew"

I said " What am I not good enough for you?" Then I just walked away. You are probably wondering how I remembered this conversation if I was drunk, wellllll I didn't when we started talking a year later he told me we met then and what was said. I don't even really remember it. That is going to be a great story for our children. Don't ya think? haha.

Well that is all the confessions I have for right now! I hope you enjoyed my confessions on this Sunday Funday! :)

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