I am so ready for more Jessica Jones in my life.

"What are you?...How did you end up like this? ...Are you gonna kill me?"
"People actually ask you that?"
"It comes up."

Mark your calendars for March 8th, 2018, and get your Netflix subscriptions up-to-date, because Jessica Jones is back! (And totally doesn't want to be here.)

Out of all the Marvel Netflix characters, I relate to Jessica Jones the most. No, I don't have super strength, or a really high tolerance to alcohol. But I also deal with things in my life with a "I really don't want to do this/I can't believe I'm freaking doing this" attitude. And I also have ripped jeans and a worn black leather jacket.

While I am excited about season 2, the main question I have is: Where's Kilgrave? He wasn't in the trailer, but I know David Tennant filmed some episodes for this season. So the question is: HOW is he coming back? Is he a figment of Jessica's imagination, from guilt? Is it going to be in flashbacks? Or is it going to be a really slow dramatic reveal at the end of the season that he's not dead? (Though I don't know how you could survive a straight up bullet to the head...) I mean, who's the purple painting of Jessica from at [0:37]? A stalker? Or Kilgrave? Those are his colors...

I guess I'll just have to wait and find out in March.

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