It's season finale time. But as your current shows are ending, brand new shows are already lined up for next season.


So far, it looks like ABC has some pretty good shows lined up for next season. I mean, if you miss the show Castle, I think Deception would be right up your alley. The Mayor looks really good. And I'm also interested in The Good Doctor...even though I'm kind of against the whole "using autism as a superpower" trope that tv is getting into.


While I am tired of networks using autism and exploiting it as "everyone with autism is a super genius" I can't really complain because, hey, we're finally getting represented. (Yeah, that's right. I'm on the spectrum.)


We're not all super geniuses, but there are people out there that will look up to these trope characters as super heroes and it will give them hope for who am I to say "stop it"?


...Also, it looks pretty good.



Netflix looks like it's got another winner on it's hands with Glow.



And the two new superhero shows coming to our smalls screens are Inhumans (ABC) and The Gifted (FOX) which I am SUPER looking forward to. (Pun intended)




Those are the shows I'm looking forward to next season. Check out the full list of announced shows for the 2017-18 season HERE. Which ones do you like best?

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