July is National Ice Cream Month! No, really. This is a thing and we're ready to celebrate. In 1984 a presidential proclamation was issued by Ronald Reagan declaring July to be National Ice Cream Month.

The art of ice cream dates back for what seems like forever. Do you remember your grandmother having an ice cream churner? I do and I can still remember the taste of fresh vanilla ice cream. Now days you can get ice cream in just about any flavor you can imagine or dream up. You can get it in a bowl, in a cake cone or a waffle cone. You can even get it mixed with toppings on a marble slab if that's your preference.

Since we don't want to argue with Mr. Reagan and let's face it, we all love ice cream, I asked my Facebook friends their favorite places to get a cone, bowl or scoop of the delicious frozen treat and I've compiled a list based on their replies. Check it out and go enjoy some ice cream!

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12 Best Places To Enjoy Ice Cream In The Tri-State

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