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This Girl’s Sleepwalking Habits Would Freak Anyone Out
She's seen just standing and staring at her sister's bed, unmoving, for about a minute and she doesn't wake up until her mom comes into the room. No one wants to wake up to that terrifying sight. It's not even that she's staring, which is creepy on it's own, it's that she doesn't even flinch - even when her sister is screaming at her and crying while begging her to stop...
If You’re Easily Embarrassed Maybe Don’t Buy These Pants
This teen found out the hard way that her new Zara pants make a super embarrassing noise every time she bends down. The Daily Mail reports that the teen made the unfortunate discovery while out to dinner with her family. Part of the problem is that the pants are pleather, and any of us who lived through the pleather pants phase of the late '90s and early 2000s knows that all sorts of problems can

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