What Do Radio Listeners Want to Win?
We appreciate you, our valued listener. So, today, we want to sit back, stop talking, and make sure that we are listening to you! Help us make your experience with our station better by telling us what prizes you want to win.
Did You Know You Can Do the Scavenger Haunt at Home?
A lot of people think that they have to go somewhere to enter but that's not the case! You can complete six of the scary selfies for an entry into the contest. There are a lot of the challenges that you can find in your own home...
2019 Scavenger Haunt - Win Up to $5,000
If you love creepy clowns and Halloween, we have something that's right down your sewer drain. We will be giving away two Old Courthouse Catacombs VIP tickets (Skip the line? Yes, please!) a $300 cash card, and the local winner will have a chance at the $5,000 grand prize!

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