It's the most wonderful time of the year, the Halloween season!

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A True Historical Gem in Evansville

Willard Library is truly a historical gem in Evansville.  In fact, did you know that Willard Library is the oldest operating library in the state of Indiana?  It's true! Willard Library opened its doors over a century ago, in 1885.  When you visit Willard Library the very first thing you will notice is the stunning gothic architecture that makes this historical building hauntingly beautiful.  Willard Library is also home to the most notorious ghost in the region, the Grey Lady!

Google Maps/CANVA
Google Maps/CANVA

Who is the Grey Lady?

According to Willard Library, no one truly knows who the Grey Lady is, but it is widely speculated that she is the ghost of Louise Carpenter the daughter of Willard Library founder, Willard Carpenter.   The first sighting of The Grey Lady happened in 1937, and this haunting has been pretty well documented ever since. If you'd like to read more about the Grey Lady, you can check out an article all about her, here.

Grey Lady Ghost Tours

One of my favorite events during the Halloween season is the Grey Lady Ghost Tours.  It's a really cool experience to walk around Willard Library at night, and have a tour guide tell you all about some of Willard Library's interesting history.  You can also stand in the exact same spots where there have been reported sightings of the Grey Lady!


Willard Library took to Facebook to share an image that said the Grey Lady Ghost Tours are back in 2022!  I checked out Willard Library's website and here is what their event page says about the Grey Lady Ghost Tours:

Join us for an after hours tour of Willard Public Library in the height of spooky season for spine-tingling stories about the world’s most popular library spirit, the Grey Lady Ghost.

Tours are limited to 30 people. Individuals can register for up to 5 tickets each. Participants must present tickets at the date & time provided for entry. Tours will last approximately 1 hour. For assistance or questions, please email or call 812-425-4309

The ghost tours will take place on October 13th - 15th, 20th - 22nd, and 27th.  Be sure to register to save your spot!

Hauntingly Beautiful Photoshoot Inspired by Evansville's Grey Lady

Evansville's most notorious ghost is no doubt the Grey Lady. The Grey Lady is said to roam the halls of Willard Library, and stir up a little mischief every now and then. Hayden Burns Photography was so inspired by the Grey Lady, that she created a photoshoot completely inspired by her. Check out her stunning ghostly images below!

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