Attention female models of all shapes and sizes:

Not only am I privileged enough to work as a contributing writer for the fine people here at 103GBF, but I am also a freelance writer for several national publications including Playboy, High Times and Hustler magazine.

I recently finished writing a rather lengthy piece of journalism for a popular adult entertainment magazine and now, I am in need of models to pose for the photos that will accompany it. That is where you come in!

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, I would like to assure you that there will be absolutely nothing pornographic about this photo shoot – models will NOT be asked to pose nude or engage in anything sexual. It’s not that kind of a deal. This is a legitimate job offer, and it will be coordinated and handled by professionals.

With that being said, the criteria for this job is a little tricky. I’m not exactly looking for calendar girl quality models for this photo shoot, nor am I necessarily interested in models that fit the traditional mold of “beautiful” commonly associated with men’s entertainment publications. I’m searching for models that are less than perfect in their appearance and maybe even noticeably flawed in many ways. I’m not interested in perfect bodies, and the models that end up working on this project could either be thin or full figured. I’m really just going for a certain look, and I will know it when I see it.

Spoiler: In a perfect world the model(s) I hire for this project will be in her thirties or maybe even her forties. So, if you are older and would like a shot at appearing in a national magazine - this is your opportunity!

The photo shoot will be scheduled for later this week and will take place on location here in Evansville. This position is paid and will be negotiated separately for each model.


Then email your name, age, location, and phone number along with at least three (3) photos of yourself to:

Photographs do not need to be professional. I just need to see what you look like. Models should be at least 18-years old.

Be sure your contact information is included in your email. I’ll need to be able to contact you if I decide you are the right girl for the job!

Please no photographer inquiries. I already have an excellent photographer working with me on this project.

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