It's October and the perfect time of year to enjoy the fall foliage, and learn some spooky history.  Many people flock to Salem Massachusetts for this exact reason, but this year it's a bit different since travelling is currently not exactly recommended. So did you know there's a Salem Indiana?  Sure it doesn't have the infamous witch trial history, and thousands of visitors each October, but it's a quaint little city and has a lot of history, plus plenty of views to take in of that fall foliage when the leaves turn!

Scott Smith is a photographer and he recently took some photos from around  the Salem Indiana area, and I have to say it looks like a place I want to visit.  Check out his photos below, and if you're interested in seeing more of Scott's beautiful photography you can do so here.  Most of these photos are of the rural areas that surround Salem, but when looking up I learned that there's actually much to see and do inside the city of Salem.  Check out these stunning photos that Scott allowed me to share, and read along with what all you can find inside the city of Salem Indiana!

See Photos from Salem Indiana

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