Who doesn't love chicken tenders? You can bake them, you can fry them, dice them up and throw them on top of pasta or into a salad. They're a versatile little piece of meat. Plus, they're usually the one thing all kids will eat, and when you're a parent, you'll take whatever win you can get. The one problem with them is in the preparation, specifically the tendon that runs nearly the entire length of the tender. In the past I busted out a knife and tried to carefully cut it out without ruining the entire tender like I'm some kind of back alley surgeon, but one Tik Tok user has found a much easier way to tackle the problem. But it is really as easy as she makes it out to be?

User @raising_krazies recently shared the video below showing how you can get rid of that pesky tendon using nothing more than a fork and some paper towels.

Genius, right? How she figured this out, I have no idea, but I'm glad she did and shared her discovery with the world. I'm not the only one. Since posting the video, it's been viewed over four million times. With that said, the internet has made me extremely skeptical about pretty much everything I see thanks to the massive amount of misinformation that gets thrown around, along with people's ability to make fake things look real by manipulating photos and videos. So instead of taking her video at face value, I decided I had to try it before I believed it. Here's how it went for me (shout out to my wife for the camera work).

The only minor complaint I have is that it does essentially turn one tender into roughly one and a half since the tendon is holding two muscles together. But, as I mentioned in the video, you're going to eat them anyway, so who cares.

I can definitely say this will now be the only way I prep chicken tenders from now on. Thanks for the hack, @raising_krazies!

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