Jon Carpenter's 1982 horror film ‘The Thing‘ is an all-time classic. It will forever be on the list of the best genre movies of all time. But would it pack the same punch if it were a musical?These two knuckleheads Jon and Al Kaplan have given us a glimpse as to what this Kurt Russell-starring sci-fi flick might look like when you add a Sinatra-esque musical number.

It's a really well done song. In fact, I thought it really was a Sinatra song...until it goes past the first line. I'm sure some of their lyrics will live on in infamy...“Don’t mind me / I’m only a husky” and “Big surprise, I’m not Palmer / I’m the Thing, from another world, baby.”

And the timing for this clip couldn't be better, since a prequel/remake to the film, will be in theaters this weekend. Will it be as scary as the original? Doubt it. They usually aren't. Maybe a better question is...did it need a remake/prequel? Don't think so. The classics usually don't need a "new vision". But don't take my word for it. Check out the musical clip and the trailer for the new "Thing" movie...then make up your mind.

[via Laughing Squid]