You've heard of camping but have you heard of "GLAMPING"?  Glamping is a more glamorous type of camping that includes amenities normal tent camping might night.

Angel here and to no one's surprise I am not much of a wilderness camping in a tent kind of girl.  I love the woods, fishing, hunting but staying in a tent with no running water is not my idea of a good time.

I recently discovered something called "Glamping" and we have several destinations right here in Kentucky.  There are regular cabin type experiences and even glamping treehouses you can stay in.

A few differences you will notice and camping;

  • Camping you are in tents and glamping it is a structured fixture with amenities for comfort.
  •  Using the restroom with camping is a little less private and a bit more rustic.  Glamping you have the luxury of closing the door in a rustic-themed bathroom.
  • When you lay your head down to rest in camping hopefully your sleeping bag is comfy.  When you close your eyes to slip off to dreamland in glamping you are cozy in a nice bed with a mattress of some sort including sheets and pillows.
  • What's showering? If you are camping.  In glamping, you have a fully functioning bathroom with a shower or bathtub.  Think spa if you will

Germantown Tree House

Nature Lodge Glamping in Kentucky

Kid-Friendly Treehouse w/slide

Nature Getaway In Elizabethtown

Country Cottage in Kentucky

There are hundreds of different glamping cabins from the most extreme glamor to rustic.  Take a look at all the cabins they are awesome.

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