A young University of Tennessee fan was so excited for 'College Colors Day' at his elementary school. Although he lives in Florida, he's all about the Volunteers. Unfortunately he doesn't own any Tennessee gear, but he wasn't going to let that fact slow him down.

He whipped out a piece of paper and created his own doggone UT shirt design and then pinned that design to an orange shirt. The 4th grader's mom said he was so excited to show off his homemade Vols shirt.

The next afternoon the boy's teacher, Laura Snyder, watched as he came into the classroom, sat at his desk and began to cry. Come to find out a group of girls sitting near him at lunch were making fun of him and his shirt. You should know that these girls didn't even participate in the college colors day - they were too busy bullying this young fella. Mrs. Snyder shared the boy's story on social media, hoping to maybe get the attention of someone at the University of Tennessee, not at all expecting what happened next.

The university did see the story and decided to do something about it. Not only did they send the young fan a bag full of just about every Vols promotional item ever made, they also took that homemade design and turned it into a piece of official UT apparel. Then they went one step further by agreeing to donate a portion of proceeds from that shirt to STOMP Out Bullying, a national anti-bullying organization.


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