The band Powerman 5000 has recently released a new album called Builders of the Future. The band's only original member, frontman Spider One, recently stated in an interview, "I never would have imagined that after all the albums, the band members, the ups-and-downs of the always changing music business, I’d still be here doing this, which is thanks to our most diehard fans. We’ve re-planted our flag as the weird, sci-fi, electronic band. This is what we are. This is what we do best."

The most aggressive track of the record is the anthemic opener, "Invade, Destroy, Repeat", which has a quicker feel than a lot of the grooves the band puts out. The very next track, "We Want It All", pulls the tempo back into what you might be used to hearing from PM5K.

The next three tracks, "How To Be A Human", "You're Gonna Love It, If You Like It Or Not", and "Builders Of The Future" all carry similar energy with some dynamic song sections in the mix. Those diehard fans that Spider One acknowledges should appreciate how the first half of the album flows.

The album's sixth track, titled "I Want To Kill You", is the most mellow and stripped down tune of the record. With lyrics like, "Wrap your hands around my neck/It's what I need and should expect/Don't hate the player, hate the game/At least we know we feel the same", Spider One is giving a vague glimpse into a dysfunctional relationship as he leads to the song's hook: "I want to kill you...and you want to kill me too."

The nonchalant murderous lyrics within the ominous acoustic overtones come to an end as "Modern World" opens with a sound like you're getting plugged into the Matrix. "Live It Up Before You're Dead" continues the groove party with a pretty straight-forward message.

The last two tracks are "I Can't F***ing Hear You" and "Evil World", and they help bring the album to a close by easing the foot off the gas without completely dropping the energy.

All in all, those diehard PM5K fans will likely enjoy the record, but this work may be a hard-sell for those listeners looking for something that's as catchy as their 1999 hit single, "When Worlds Collide."

Nevertheless, Spider One is displaying confidence in the new work his band has put out. "We’re back. The fan base has really rallied around us again. The enthusiasm feels like it’s picked right up from the year 2000. The electronic-metal-dance thing, we’ve locked it down once and for all with this one.”

You can check out the new record below via Spotify

You can also purchase it on or iTunes.

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