Buckcherry singer Josh Todd has no problem wearing a face covering. That's because the musician has already long masked up on transatlantic flights when the "Lit Up" rockers tour the world.

Todd talked about his experience with masking during a recent interview on the Brewtally Speaking Podcast. About midway through the wide-ranging discussion with host Jon Beatty, the two zeroed in on the topic in light of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on traveling entertainers, especially the rock bands who spent an unprecedented 2020 without a way to play for their fans far and wide.

"I started masking on airplanes way before COVID," Todd explained, "because whenever I was on a plane for more than five hours, like when I go to Europe and stuff, three days later, I'd get sick from the plane — the recycled air, and everybody's in there coughing." [via Blabbermouth]

So, the singer surmised, "I'm, like, 'Fuck this, man. I'm never doing that again. I don't care if I've gotta wear a mask for 12 hours on a plane.' And I started doing it, and the results were amazing."

Just what were those results, and how did he come about them? The Buckcherry frontman got some convincing evidence, in a roundabout way, by using his bandmates as test patients.

"We had this run where it was Australia [and] Japan," Todd said. "And it was 35,000 miles in the air in two weeks. So that's how much we are in planes. So I masked the whole time, and the [rest of the] band didn't, and every one of those guys got this weird cough that lasted fucking six weeks. And they're convinced that they had COVID back then — this was right before COVID hit. And I masked, and I was fine. So I'm never going back to not masking on a plane, I'll tell you that."

The musician also confirmed that he had received the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Moderna.

"I did it for the greater good," he said of getting the shot. "I wanna do my part. I also wanna get out there and work. I wanna be able to go everywhere —whatever that means, I wanna do it. And I also wanna do it for people other than myself."

Buckcherry will release a new album called Hellbound on June 25. Throughout the summer and fall, they are back on the road supporting the effort across North America.

Buckcherry's Josh Todd Appears on the Brewtally Speaking Podcast - June 7, 2021

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