Bring Me the Horizon have just dropped a new song called "Obey" from their upcoming series of albums Post Human, and it features rising rocker Yungblud. BMTH Frontman Oli Sykes and Yungblud both discussed what it was like working with each other in an interview with Loudwire Nights, and Sykes referred to his new collaborative partner as a "new breed of rockstar."

Yungblud is from a part of England where he describes people as being "quite set in their ways" — meaning people weren't exactly accepting of him dressing in skirts and wearing nail polish. Then he discovered Bring Me's 2008 album Suicide Season. 

"It just got my rage out... it kind of hit a nerve," he said. "I was like, 'These lads are where I'm from and they're kind of unconditionally themselves and have been celebrated for it so I'm gonna do that one day.'"

Little did he realize that come 2020, Bring Me the Horizon would write a song that seemed the perfect fit for him to collaborate on.

"There was an energy to it where it felt heavy but then had some slight brit-pop influences, which I hear in Yungblud's music," Sykes explained of their decision to recruit Yungblud for the track. They wanted the upcoming albums to have a "harder edge" than their 2019 release amo.

"With our last record, we kind of looked outside the scene for people to collaborate with and bring something new to the table, and with this record we wanted to have people that reflect the scene at the moment and still not choose obvious people that you would expect us to work with," Sykes continued. "I really like what Yungblud's doing. I love his energy and I think he's reflective of a new breed of rock star."

"We're honored, to be honest," he admitted. Check out "Obey" below.

Bring Me the Horizon, on the other hand, didn't necessarily have a mentor-like artist that wanted to help and support them, according to the frontman. "Everyone fucking hated us," he said laughing. "We were a very polarizing band. I remember Killswitch Engage took us out early on, but I don't think it was by choice."

To hear more about the rockers' experiences creating music during a global pandemic and more, listen to the full interview above.

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