I feel like Root Beer is one of those classic beverages that never goes out of style.  It's a drink that according to Bundaberg.com was first commercially produced in 1875.  That's a long time for a drink to be on the market!  It's also versatile, want a soft drink?  Root beer.  Want a sweet dessert?  Root beer float.

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I recently was scrolling Tik Tok and learned of a brand called Parlor Beverages, and there's a good chance you'll recognize the names of a couple of Parlor's owners.  Parlor refers to the brand as "sweet ass root beer from awesome people."  And there's a really good chance you've heard of some of these awesome people that came together to make Parlor root beer a reality.  This brand has a lot of roots in the hard rock/metal scene.  The first name you'll probably know is Aaron Bruch, bassist and backing vocalist of Breaking Benjamin.  Then there's Josh Balz who was once in Motionless in White.   Then John Phillips who is the tour manager for Body Count and Public Enemy. Then there's Kris Jones who owns LSEO.com.   That's a pretty rock and roll lineup of people who came together to make this root beer a reality!

Below is the Tik Tok from ClayXScott that inspired this article (thanks Clay)!

@clayxscottFollow @drinkparlor now! ##alttiktok ##rootbeer ##joshbalz ##breakingbenjamin ##diaryofjane ##metal ##rock ##heelys ##heelysgang ##metalcore ##elderemo ##emo

♬ The Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

So I decided to check out DrinkParlor.com and for one they are killing it with the logos and branding.  The imagery of the brand is very rock and roll, and I'm a big fan.  On top of that, they of course sell their own line of root beer which you can purchase online. They've got your classic Root Beer, Birch Beer, and Butterscotch Root Beer. It would be really hard to choose just one flavor, so I may have to do a mix and match and try all 3!


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