The i's have been dotted and the t's have been crossed in recent court filings from Breaking Benjamin front man Benjamin Burnley. Burnley is currently taking two of his band mates to court for authorizing the release of a song, that the band had not agreed upon.

As many of you have pointed out on our Facebook page, our new GBF rock from Breaking Benjamin isn't exactly new. The version of Blow Me Away that we are currently playing, is a remix of an earlier release of that song. And Burnley alleges in the lawsuit that the remix was released without the rest of the band being on board.

However break up rumors about the band are nothing new. The band has been fighting those rumors for the past year, and now it seems that it could be coming true. Burnley has already fired guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski, for signing off on the release of the song.

The band has been around since 1998. In just 12 days the band is scheduled to release Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin. Burnley has stated that he will continue on with Breaking Benjamin, and that the two fired band members would be replaced.