Lately, it seems like a handful of bands are rejecting the idea of being referred to as a nu metal band, for whatever reason. The newest opposer is Incubus's Brandon Boyd, who said it "hurt" their feelings being compared to "deeply misogynistic" nu metal bands.

"It felt a little strange to be associated with some of the bands around that time who were very deeply misogynistic in their content and vibrationally kind of violent," the frontman told Kerrang! in a new interview. "So for years it hurt our feelings that we were associated with so many of these bands who we felt we had no relationship with or similarity to."

Korn recently denied the nu metal label as well, also calling it misogynistic, though Jonathan Davis acknowledges that they "spearheaded" the movement. Boyd had positive words when reflecting on touring with Korn, despite their nu metal ties.

"I remember, very specifically, Fieldy from Korn seeing us while we were looking at catering, salivating and knowing that we weren’t allowed to eat the food there. And he goes, ‘Are you guys hungry?’ and we all just kind of looked at him like stray dogs and nodded and he said, ‘Go eat!’ And that was a huge moment. We really wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for the kindness of bands like Korn.”

Incubus are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their third album Make Yourself with a North American tour. See the dates here.

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