Being an intern with some of the most popular radio stations in Evansville definitely keeps me busy, and it has its perks as well. I received a text from Ashley, the Digital Media Editor at Townsquare Evansville, asking if I wanted to attend a VIP soft opening party at the new Boogie Nights club downtown. I was told that I could bring in my camera and some friends as well, so I thought, “Why not?!”

I recruited a small yet rad crew of cool friends, and we headed out to the event. I was excited to see what the club would look like and what kind of (video) shots we could get (for liquor, ask your bartenders!), because my friends Alex and Ben, both professionals in the visual arts, came out with their cameras as well. It’s always good to have their expertise and experience in my corner, and we work pretty well together!

When we were checking into the club, one of the first people I noticed by the front door was a girl in roller skates who I recognized as one of the models for the 2014 Hometown Honeys calendar I’m currently designing for 103 GBF. There’s a random icebreaker for ya…

After I introduced myself, I walked in and was impressed with the club lighting and layout, so I had a really good feeling from the start. The lighting was excellent, the songs were jamming, the dancers were feeling it, and the atmosphere as a whole was solid. So, we grabbed some drinks and had fun. The service was fast and friendly as well. That’s the way we all like it, right?

There were some colorful characters you could spot in the club that night as well. There was a disco ball head guy (unofficial title) who was dancing and making sure people were having a good time, and there was another guy wearing Rik James-like hair braids who was emceeing and tearing it up on the dance floor all night.

The soundscape was filled with party song staples from the Seventies and Eighties -an era that’s always fun to fall back in and enjoy. I love music of all sorts, but I must admit that anytime I hear hit songs from bands like Van Halen or Def Leppard jamming like I did that night, it connects with me the most. Why? Because I’m a rocker at heart, and that’s the way it is. #CelineDionReferences #FTW #FTWBackwardsIsWTF

What’s the bottom line and take-away from all of this rambling?

Boogie Nights hit the mark. When you step inside, you’re there for a classy experience in Evansville’s newest and biggest nightclub, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You should go check it out!!

To feed your burning curiosity, I put together a short video through the eyes of our cameras that evening. Thanks again to Alex Morgan and Ben Woehler for contributing!

Their doors open at 9 pm every Friday and Saturday night, and you can visit their website at You can keep up on the latest by following their Facebook and Twitter links as well!

I want to give a special shout out to my friends who tagged along with me: Alex, Ben, Ashley, Jay, Katie, Kana, and Carlo!! Thanks for making it a fun night!!

Finally, thanks to the professional and accommodating staff and talent at Boogie Nights!!

We had a blast!


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