Can we all agree that The Shining is one of the creepiest, scariest movies ever? If you don't agree with that statement then you may not be interested in Room 237, a new documentary about Kubrick's 1980 masterpiece. If you agree with me, continue on with this post.

This is the second trailer for Room 237 (both of them are embedded below), and I honestly don't know exactly what this movie is about. It is obviously a documentary about The Shining...and I'm trying to think of another way to describe it, but I can't, because I just don't know. But having said, I am dying (no pun intended) to see this movie. Why? Because of the trailer(s). Both of them are just brilliant! Without showing one single clip, but including some creepy, haunting music, the trailers make me want to see what the hell is in the movie. And isn't that what a trailer should do. Too many times a trailer will give away the best, funniest or scariest parts of a movie. And by the time the studio releases three separate trailers, what's the point, you don't even need to see the flick. That is definitely not the case with Room 237. Hell it doesn't even tell us where, when or how we can see the damn thing.

So check out the trailers below, and let me know if your interest is piqued?

After doing a bit of digging (ok I went to the official website), I found out that the movie has been playing in other countries for the past seven months or so...and it should be available here in the states on March 29th. It will be in some theaters (I'm sure not here in Evansville), and you can see it On-Demand and on iTunes.