While enjoying the beautiful lights of downtown Owensboro recently, I got to thinking about the fact that Smothers Park--in its current award-winning incarnation--has been a a riverfront staple for TEN YEARS now. That is an absolute mind-blower.


I also remember that the first Owensboro Air Show happened in the same summer--2012--that we got the all-new Smothers Park. The excitement was at a fever pitch. And now the Owensboro Air Show has become just as much a staple and just as big a draw as the Barbecue Festival.

The annual event--minus 2020 and 2022--brings thousands of spectators to Owensboro and the town adds wonderful "extras" like the Bridge Walk to make the entire weekend something extra special.


The Owensboro Air Show will return the weekend of September 15th through the 17th of 2023 and will feature, among others, the Air Force Thunderbirds.

I wonder if Chad will ride with the Thunderbirds next year like he did in 2015.

Yes, we will get the Air Force Thunderbirds in 2023. And in 2024, the Blue Angels will return for the 2024 Owensboro Air Show.


This will mark the Blue Angels' third appearance at the Owensboro Air Show, so we have nearly two years worth of excitement as we anticipate their arrival. Their last appearance was just last year, and despite that August Saturday being marked by heavy cloud cover, the Blue Angels did not disappoint, as expected.

In fact, that 2024 air show will be the next appearance by the Blue Angels in the Commonwealth; they aren't slated for any Kentucky shows between now and then.


The Blue Angels were the brainchild of Admiral Chester Nimitz, Chief of Naval Operations in 1946. He wanted to ignite public interest in naval aviation and boost Navy morale immediately following World War II.

Combat maneuver exercises in the 1940s gave way to more aerobatic maneuvers in the 1950s. As the decades passed, more and different aircraft were added and replaced to create the spectacular presentation we see today.

And now, you have nearly two full years to make plans to see this historic and thrilling group of pilots and their amazing machines. Get ready Owensboro, the Blue Angels are coming back in 2024.

[SOURCE: Eyewitness News/WEHT-WTVW]

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