An Iowa woman finds herself in jail after striking her boyfriend and destroying part of the house they share together, all because she didn't get any nookie.

Melissa Barbara Minarsich, turned in to an woman on a rampage, after her boyfriend wouldn't have sex with her. Never been in that sort of situation? Neither have I. Minarsich became upset and swung on him, landing only a couple of blows. Really dude? He called the police on that? Grow a pair, buddy.

The Press Citizen explains that after the denial and 'abuse', she went outside and the RIPPED THE SCREEN DOOR OFF ITS HINGES. When police arrived Minarsich gave them her defense:

"All I want is a piece of ***. Is that too much to ask?”

Wow, that's classy. Its a shame she's not single. She was arrested by Iowa City Police, and charged with second offense domestic abuse. Wait a minute, there was a first offense? Does this woman remind anyone else of Jennifer Aniston's character in Horrible Bosses. Lets take a look, for fun.

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