The best laid plans don't always go off without a hitch and on occasion one simple audience member can ruin what would otherwise be a solid part of your concert going experience. That happened in Aarhus, Denmark to Black Stone Cherry and frontman Chris Robertson swiftly dealt with the situation.

The band reached a point in their set where they were going to slow things down musically and deliver their emotional new song "The Rambler."

"We wanted to play you guys another side of the record while we're here. And I know it's really hard because there's loud music and people want to talk and take selfies and s--t, but if you could, for just a few minutes, all we ask is that you be quiet and listen to what this song says. This song means the absolute world to us," stated Robertson, who was met with a "F--k you" from an audience member. Robertson played along, then finished his introduction before starting the opening lines of the acoustic track.

As seen in the fan-shot video above, someone in the crowd shouted out "Gay!," at which point Robertson stopped the show to address the person. "Hang on, hang on a minute," started Robertson. "Who just said 'Gay'? You just said, 'Gay.' Why don't you do me a favor and get the f--k out."

He then called for security, adding, "This guy can get the f--k out and go f--k yourself on the way out bro. See ya, f--khead. Yeah, you're bad ass. You're so cool. Let's f--kin' meet later and I'll kick your f--kin' ass."

After ejecting the audience member to the cheers of audience members, Robertson then composed himself, apologized to the crowd and the band restarted the song, with the audience members obliging in keeping quiet while the band played.

Black Stone Cherry just debuted the video for "The Rambler" on Loudwire this morning and the clip definitely packs an emotional punch. The song appears on the band's upcoming Kentucky album, which is due April 1 via the Mascot Label Group. Pre-orders are currently underway via Amazon, iTunes and in a variety of bundle options here. As for their tour, you can see them at these stops.

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