Time flies when you're rocking out, but if you're lucky, you might just get a chance to go back to the start. That's what happens in Black Stone Cherry's latest video for "Bad Habit," which finds the band transported back in time to 1988 where they must test their mettle against some formidable foes in a Battle of the Bands.

In the clip, the band arrives at the venue noticing something's a little off. Their foes are a bunch of cowboys known as the Turtle Necks, a group of Motley Crue wannabes named Death Dagger and the late arriving ladies of The Bad Habits. It's a lot of fun as the rockers play multiple roles and there are members of the extended BSC family involved (well hello Kentucky Headhunters' Fred Young), but ultimately the blistering bad man blues-rock stylings performed on "Bad Habit" emerge victorious.

The clip itself was shot at The Factory, the venue where the band had their first ever "battle" way back in the day. Singer Chris Robertson told us, "To go back to The Factory man was amazing. Our first actual show with more than two songs was at a talent show we played in June of 2001 at The Factory. That was the first place we played in."

He adds, "We hadn't really debuted our new music to anybody yet and to have the lady who owns it all these years later letting us come back in and shoot that video, it was just amazing man."

Robertson tells us that "Bad Habit" was one of the earlier songs penned for their new Family Tree album, popping up out of something he played at a guitar rig check and getting the approval of Ben Wells. "Lyrically the song is that classic guy wants a girl because that's what is on his mind kind of song. That is good old classic rock and roll when I chomp down on that pick," says Robertson.

While the video for "Bad Habit" is a lot of fun for the band, that may not be the end of their time traveling. The clip ends with a "To be continued," so you'll have to stay tuned to see what's next.

In the meanwhile, look for Black Stone Cherry's "Bad Habit" on their upcoming release Family Tree. The disc is available to pre-order here ahead of its April 20 street date. And catch a seasoned Black Stone Cherry band who can do battle with any group performing shows again starting April 14 in Glasgow, Ky. The band also has a number of dates on the horizon with Gov't Mule, who are led by Family Tree special guest Warren Haynes. See all of their scheduled stops here.

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