It’s no “San Junipero” sequel, but Black Mirror is once again headed to the ‘80s. Filming has begun on a new Season 5 episode in London, and our first photos reveal a treasure-trove of forgotten 1980s businesses and even more easter eggs.

A number of set photos have emerged from the London suburb of Croydon, as residents were informed that Black Mirror would be shooting an ‘80s-themed episode for Season 5. Some have pointed to signs that identify the episode as “Bandersnatch” – referring to the Alice in Wonderland creature – while sets feature such classic business storefronts as Wimpy, Woolworths, Blockbuster, WHSmith, Chelsea Girl and more. Netflix UK also joked off the “San Junipero” parallel with a “San Croydon” tweet linking to the photos, but subsequently deleted it. You can see all the storefronts at The Huffington Post.

And because this is Black Mirror, plenty of easter eggs have already been identified among the storefronts. Digital Spy notes that one store contains video games like “Roachbusters Red and Blue” (referencing Season 3’s “Men Against Fire”), “Valdack’s Revenge” (last year’s “U.S.S. Callister”), “White Bear” and “Metl Hedd,” referring to episodes of the same or similar titles.

As of yet no directors or stars have been announced for Season 5, and it isn’t certain when Netflix will premiere new episodes. Stay tuned for the latest Black Mirror details in the meantime.

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