Anyone who argues with you that climate change isn't real, clearly pays no attention to the news... or the weather. We have had record breaking temperatures across our portion of country up until a couple of weeks ago and now, well now here in Indiana we're having lows in the upper 30s and mid-40s. But it's worse for folks in Oklahoma - it's snowing! In October, it is snowing in Oklahoma. This may be one of the most bizarre weather events I've seen in my life. The average high temperature for this time of year in Oklahoma is 76 degrees and the low, 47 degrees. How on Earth it is snowing is beyond be, but it's happening! Watch live coverage now:

Of course, before we know it, we'll be digging ourselves out of snow and ice as winter sets in here in the tristate. Be sure you have the free GBF app to keep up with the latest in local weather, school closings and more.

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