Chalk it up to a high fever if you will, but an under the weather Billy Corgan has revealed that Smashing Pumpkins are currently at work in the studio with uber producer Rick Rubin on the band's semi-reunion LP with 3/4 of their original lineup.

Responding to widespread reports of an illness, the Pumpkins frontman took to Instagram in a lengthy post to say that yes, he has been sick, but it's only as serious as the current strain of flu that is permeating the United States and beyond. He talks about the blur of life and how pictures taken at any given time are nothing more than a window into that particular period in his life.

"As an example, we are currently in the studio with Rick Rubin," Corgan then writes. "But unless I show you a picture of Rick sitting Buddha-like at a mixing desk, you probably wouldn't know that."

This adds further intrigue and excitement into the Smashing Pumpkins return with Corgan, guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin all back in the fold for the band's forthcoming 10th album, It will be the first time they've worked with Rubin since a one-off in the late 90s on the song "Let Me Give the World to You." Originally slated to appear on the 1998 effort Adore, the track was shelved for a lengthy period, eventually showing up in a heavily reworked format a few years later on Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music.

Corgan discussed the possibility of reuniting with his former bandmates last fall, explaining that he was "way more interested" in the fact that the band members have peace with each other. He elaborated on the split of the original lineup in 2000 by stating, "We were in a pressure cooker for 13, 14 years. We were literally together almost non-stop for a long time. We did a lot of work and we put ourselves through some crazy shit. When the family thing broke, it was one of those things like, 'Hey, have you talked to your cousin?' 'Eh, I love him, but you know, whatever.' So it was like that for a long time, and now that that's over, and the family thing is resolved, it's awesome."

One member who won't be taking part in the Pumpkins' reunion is bassist D'Arcy Wretzky, who recently said, "My apologies to all of the Smashing Pumpkins fans out there who are excited about this oncoming reunion tour of the original members of the band. I know this is a huge disappointment for me, as well, but it’s not going to happen [with me].”

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