SCAM ALERT!  The Tri-State Better Business Bureau is warning customers of fake tech support scammers!  

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These scammers are sending emails or text messages asking you to call a specific toll number.  DO NOT CALL this number:  1-800-445-2470.  This number claims to service Internet giants such as Facebook or Apple.

When calling the number, recipients are directed to an automated message asking them to enter their account credentials and personal information (including social security number, bank account number or another type of information used to steal one’s identity or money). We urge everyone who gave personal information to this tech support number to contact the authorities as soon as possible! Also, remember that there are a few companies that can’t be contacted via telephone, such as Facebook and Yahoo! When in doubt, contact your Better Business Bureau and we’ll help you out!If you think you’ve been victimized by a scam, contact your BBB and local authorities immediately. Also, report your experience to!

To schedule an interview with a  BBB spokesperson or for more information, please contact Oana Shneider at 812-303-9716.

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