Ever wonder how certain rockers came up with their stage names? We’ve picked out the absolute best stage names in rock and metal to explain where they came from.

John Osbourne officially became Ozzy when he was in elementary school. As the young boy struggled with dyslexia, his classmates taunted him with the name “Ozzy” as an insult, but the future Black Sabbath vocalist eventually embraced the name and used it to become one of the greatest singers in rock and metal history.

Punk legend Iggy Pop got the name “Iggy” when he was the drummer for a band called the Iguanas. As for the “Pop,” it was bestowed upon the singer after a friend of his named Jimmy Pop lost all his hair, including his eyebrows. Iggy subsequently shaved his own eyebrows off and was dubbed “Iggy Pop” after the stunt.

Would you join a band with the stage name “Matthew Shadows”? Of course not, which is why Avenged Sevenfold’s vocalist shortened his given name to M. in front of his “Shadows” moniker to fit the “dark character” he aimed to embody.

Check out the Best Stage Names in Rock and Metal and how each musician got their famous name in the Loud List below.

The BEST Stage Names in Rock + Metal

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