It's the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, not Christmas, although that is a close second (for me, anyway). I'm talking about football season! High school ball on Friday nights, college ball all day on Saturdays, and the NFL on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. I love it all. The touchdowns, the bone-jarring hits, all of it. Fortunately, as an Indianapolis Colts fan living in the Evansville area (Newburgh, specifically), I have the luxury of the team being shown on CBS or Fox 44 every week because we hear in southern Indiana and western Kentucky fall into the team's regional broadcast radius. However, I know several people whose team isn't anywhere near here, and unless they buy NFL Sunday Ticket, don't enjoy the same luxury as I do. If you fall into that category, it means finding somewhere you can go that has access to all the "out-of-market" games. Fortunately, we have several options in the Evansville area. All of which also give you the chance to enjoy some delicious food and ice-cold beer while you scream at the TV.

Before we dive in, I will say the chances are really high that I left a particular location off this list. So, if you don't see one you think should be included, enter them in the blank space provided at the end of the list and I will make sure to get it on there.

Best Sports Bars and Restaurants to Watch Football in Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky

Hit up any one of these local or chain bars/restaurants to cheer on your team or scream at one of your fantasy players when they drop what would have been an easy touchdown catch.

NOTE: Establishments are listed in no particular order.
NOTE #2: Click the address of each to open a location in Google Maps.

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