Snow is evitable in the Tri-State. While we don't always get a ton of it, there's at least once or twice where we get a decent amount. So why not have some fun with it?

I've said this publicly many times before, but I don't mind a good snow. Give me at least one, good, four, six, or eight inches worth each winter, and I'd be happy. Oh, and I'd prefer it to be a bit wet so it makes good snowballs, so if you could put in a call, I'd appreciate it. With that said, I don't know that I'd like it as much if we lived somewhere that had it all time like a Wisconsin, Michigan, or New York. Maybe that's why I don't mind it. It doesn't happen often in our part of the country, so when it does, it's special.

Of course one of the other benefits of a good snow is breaking out the sleds that have been collecting dust in the garages since the last time you could use them, and finding a good hill to ride. When I was a kid, my brother, sister, and cousins would all head to my grandparents house on the west side. Their whole side yard off the driveway was one giant hill that as a kid felt like the first hill on The Voyage at Holiday World. Any pictures from those days are long gone, or in a box somewhere in someone's attic, so the best I can do to give you an accurate representation of what it looked like is a 3D satellite image from Google Maps.

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Unfortunately, my grandparents are no longer with us, and their house was torn down after the property was purchased by a neighbor, so the days of heading over there to take advantage of a good snow are long over. But, the good news is, there are several other places around the Tri-State where you and I, and our families, can go get our fix when we feel the need for winter speed.

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If there's a hill near you that you know is good, let me know by shooting me an e-mail, and I'll gladly add it to the list.

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