A bachelor party, to some people, is a last ditch hurrah of celebrating your transition to being an "adult." I can't tell you how many times people have told me once you get married that you actually become an adult. Well, if to get married is to become an adult, then a bachelor party is guy's one last chance to go crazy get all of his growing up done mighty quickly! With the economy in the tank right now, it may be a little to expensive to fly to Vegas and recreate "The Hangover" (admit it, you wanted to do this as soon as the movie came out). So, the next best option is hang around Evansville and enjoy a night on the town, in the gutter, by the river and the list goes on. Check out our best places in Evansville to throw a bachelor party below.


Fuel up for the night ahead

Everyone knows you gotta have plenty of energy for your night of boozy raucousness ahead of you. Why not fill up on things that we guys love best: Wings, Pizza, Steak and beer. In no way would eating all of those things be a smart idea but you can pick and choose your favorites. You can't go wrong with Turoni's Pizza and a pitcher of their Honey Blond Ale. If Turoni's isn't your thing then another Evansville favorite, Pizza King would be safe bet. Loading up on the Carbs and Protein isn't a bad idea. If pizza isn't your thing and boobs with a side of chicken wings is more your taste, consider Hooters or Show-Me's. Lastly, for the uppercrust types who think steak is god's gift to us people, then there's plenty of steakhouses in Evansville to fix your craving. Longhorn, Western Ribeye, Lonestar, Outback and Logan's all take my pick. Now that you've stomach's full of grub, now's the time to get your liquid consumption on.


Beer Run

No Bachelor Party is complete without a little alcohol consumption. Be it beer, whiskey, gin or tequilla, some liquid courage is necessary for the night ahead. Let's face it, the "little alcohol consumption" will turn into "wow, I'm gonna regret this in the morning." There's plenty of watering holes here in the 'ville to get your drink on. You can start your night at Fast Eddy's then work your way all across the city with stops at Ri Ra (real short walk), Stoney's (another real short walk), Lamasco's and Deerhead. By all means, that this not a complete list but just some of favorites I've been too (or that I can remember).


Gamble more than you should

One similarity to Las Vegas that Evansville has is that it has a casino. Only one casino but hey it's still mighty! By this point in the night you're probably a couple sheets to the wind but you're still walking a straight line (with your buds' help) and you're feeling lucky. Casino Aztar is within close proximity to a few of the bars mentioned earlier so you can play Frogger crossing the street or you can safely cross Riverside Drive in the skybridge. Once on the casino you can continue boozing and hopefully win some dough from the tables or the slots.


You can look but no touching

If tits and ass are more your thing, you and the guys can head to one of the numerous Gentleman's Clubs in Evansville. Once again, if you feel like walking everywhere during your bachelor party you can head down the road from Casino Aztar to Score's Sports Bar and Gentleman's Club. There are plenty of other choices if a little TNA is in your cards for the evening. The She Lounge, The Pony, The Lucky Lady and Busy Body Lounge are other locations to get a little action during the party.


Crash and Burn

Once your evening of eating, boozing, gambling and ogling has come to an end, you're going to need somewhere to crash, preferably somewhere comfortable. If you have some great friends, they will have hooked you up with a clean bed. Sometimes though, the best place to crash is a nice, comfy couch. You're going to need some sleep and probably some aspirin and water to cure the hangover that you're in for.

So, that's it. There's plenty in the list to at lease spark your imagination. Any place we missed? Let us know in the comments below!