Paramount+ is making a big push to beef up its movie offerings. They’ve promised to add a new movie every week of the year in 2022, and 1,000 more library titles to their collection next month. They’re using the slogan a “Mountain of Movies” to describe their expanded film offerings from Paramount Pictures (Get it? Paramount, mountain? You get it.) and they’re also pushing their big 2021 theatrical movies like A Quiet Place Part II and Paw Patrol from theaters to Paramount+ in just 45 days — half the length of the typical theatrical window from before the days of Covid.

So just how big is this mountain of movies? Even before Paramount+ fills out its movie library, it already had a decent selection to choose from. Granted, most of them are Paramount movies. (It would be kind of weird if they weren’t.) And a fair number of the roughly 1500 titles categorized as “movies” are actually Comedy Central specials and Smithsonian Channel TV docs. Dig through those, though, and you’ll find some worthwhile titles you won’t find available elsewhere. If you’ve already watched the big movies they’ve got, like The Godfather and Raiders of the Lost Ark, here are ten other less-seen films that are worth checking out:

The Best Hidden Gems on Paramount Plus

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