The word "metalcore" is one of the few subgenres of music that conjures up an incredibly different range of sounds depending on who you ask. For old heads, it brings up a moment in time when the worlds of heavy metal and hardcore punk combined to a new underground genre, a grassroots movement and exciting time for punk. For others, big room metal anthems pitted with poppy choruses are conjured, riffs descended from the Gothenburg school of metal contorted into music with a sense of bounce.

Both of these viewpoints on the genre are valid, and what makes metalcore a genre that allows for a blank canvas musicians can create with. On the foundation of punk song structures and metal's sonic proclivities, a wide berth of music has been created. We've created a list going over the genre's entire history, bringing together the furthest reaches of the genre from experimental noise drudgery to maximal catchiness imbued over metallic riffing.

Metalcore is still a young genre, but has produced countless albums that have become classics over time. Join us as we count down the Top 25 Metalcore Albums of All Time in the gallery below.

25 Best Metalcore Albums of All Time

Metalcore's finest.

Gallery Credit: John Hill, Loudwire

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