Musicals are fun, but very physically demanding. More so than you probably realized. And now, science has proven it.

I know some of you are thinking "Musicals? BORING."  Well, to each his own....

But you have to admit that the amount of effort that goes into performing a musical is astounding. You have to be constantly moving AND talking/singing. Have you ever tried to run and keep a conversation with someone? It's hard! Now try doing that on a stage, in front of strangers, in a weird (probably heavy) costume, without sounding winded, and holding allllllllll the notes you have to sing. For about 2 to 3 hours (With breaks. But still...) It is THE workout.

To prove how much of a workout being in a musical is, John Brenkus from ESPN Sports Science went to Broadway's Aladdin and hooked the Genie up to test how physically exerting being on stage is.

Turns out your body does more work on stage than it does when running a marathon.

Holy crap.


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