Since the very beginning, Evansville-based Azzip Pizza has always been about serving the community. Countless non-profits, clubs, youth teams and other organizations have been a part of Azzip's 'We Give a Zip' program, with has donated back over $210,000 since 2014.

As Azzip Pizza's popularity continues to grow throughout Indiana, they also want to grow their ability to give back. Azzip creator Brad Niemeier says “Azzip is proud of all that we have been able to accomplish in giving back to our communities so far, and I believe this will only take our ability to give back to the next level. We would love to help that nonprofit that is close to your heart. Let's team up and help create real change in our communities!” Brad is referring to Azzip's new "Pot of Dough" fundraising program, which takes the give-back game to a whole new level of fundraising.

“Pot of Dough” will give organizations the ability to raise money every time one of their
supporters places an order online or visits any Azzip Pizza location from the beginning of September until the end of November. Every time a supporter visits Azzip, 5% of their pre-tax purchase total will go back to the organization they are supporting. In addition, Azzip is donating a “Pot of Dough” to award a $10,000 grand prize plus five - $1,000 first prizes! Every dollar a supporter spends at Azzip will earn their organization an entry into the sweepstakes drawing for the “Pot of Dough”.

Seriously, Azzip checks off all the boxes - delicious food, super-friendly employees, and incredible community involvement. I'm sure you have questions and I'm sure you're eager to learn more. Visit for all of those answers.

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