Amid all the epic battles, Avengers: Infinity War devoted some time to showing the complicated relationship between Zoe Saldana’s Gamora and her universe-destroying father Thanos (Josh Brolin). But the already super-long film was almost even longer with another scene about their history.

With Infinity War available digitally today, USA Today debuted a deleted scene from the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release. The scene features Thanos showing Gamora a flashback of herself retrieving some goods for her father. “I was a prisoner,” she says painfully of the memory. The scene itself takes place before – and spoiler alert if you’ve somehow yet to see Infinity War – he kidnaps his daughter and forces her to reveal the location of the Soul Stone (and then kills her). Be warned: the visual effects haven’t been completed so Thanos’ partially-rendered face looks pretty wonky.

The scene does provide more context for their troubled past, and gives Saldana a chance to deliver some emotional lines about the trauma of growing up with her evil adoptive dad, but it’s easy to see why it was cut. At nearly four minutes, the scene drags on far too long and would’ve sucked the momentum out of the action and plot-heavy movie. Plus, did Infinity War need to be any longer?

Gamora and a huge percentage of the rest of the world may be dead at the end of Infinity War, but she’ll likely be back in Avengers 4 to confront her dad once and for all. The still-untitled Avengers sequel arrives May 3, 2019 – or is it April?

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