When The Avengers arrived in 2012, the massive final battle between Earth’s mightiest heroes and Loki’s alien army ended up being much bigger and more exciting than the trailers suggested. From the sound of things, we may be in for a similar treat with Avengers 2. In a new interview, writer/director Joss Whedon discussed many aspects of the upcoming sequel, but it’s his comments about the Avengers 2 ending that should get you the most interested.

Speaking with Yahoo Movies, Whedon admits that he didn’t set out to deliberately make a bigger film than the first Avengers adventure, but it ended up happening anyway:

I didn’t mean for it to get larger, but the climax that I pitched was completely unhinged and nobody said no, so that’s that.

Years ago, before Avengers 2 even had a title, Whedon said that he wanted to buck the normal trend and make a sequel that was smaller and more intimate than its predecessor. That plan seems to have fallen apart, but at least it seems to have fallen apart because he decided to let it fall apart. Whedon has been telling great stories long enough for us to trust his judgment on this. And heck, who are we to argue with a climax that promises to be crazier than the Battle of New York, a sequence which involved the Hulk stabbing a giant metal worm with a piece of its own body so Thor could hammer it in for the killing blow?

Although Whedon doesn’t go into too much detail about the climax, we can safely assume that our heroes will throw down with a massive army created by the self-replicating Ultron:

You know they’re going to fight Ultron. You know Ultron has a tendency to build hundreds of Ultrons. So that’s going to lead you in a certain direction, but the hard work of the thing is making sure everyone feels serviced and integrated. So, in the beginning it’s fun. You’re thinking, ‘What would be fun, what would be cool?’

Yes, Mr. Whedon: what would be cool? We already saw the Avengers fight a faceless army of minions, so we trust that he has something far crazier in the works.

And Whedon says that the events of the film won’t leave its characters unscarred. When the dust settles after the climax, he promises a very different Marvel cinematic universe:

The whole movie [‘Age of Ultron’] is a process of changing everything and keeping everything the same. You want to hit all the things that made people love the first movie, but you also want to make something new or why are you here ... I don’t want to make The Avengers again - I did that one time. With the ending it was important for me that we felt a progression. We didn’t just feel, ‘well, no problem, we cleaned that up!’ because that’s an episode of television. That’s not a film. This film, there’s more at stake and we take that seriously.

For additional details, make sure you check out the full article.

Avengers 2 opens on May 1, 2015.

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