The recent discovery of a morbid incest cult located in the foothills of Australia earlier last week has the entire country in a state of shock and disbelief.

Authorities recently found about 40 adults and children living like wild animals in the backwoods of Sydney; all of them suffering from a variety of jungle ailments and elephant man style deformities brought on by generations of furious inbreeding.

According to reports, the entire community are descendants of a brother and sister that spawned a wicked family tree, spanning four generations, that produced 13 children and a slew of kids with a variety of birth defects, including misaligned eyes and developmental problems.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the incest community did not have running water, food, electricity, medicine, or any means to an education. In fact, authorities say that the community's only means for shelter was a couple of broken down caravans and some makeshift tents.

Authorities speculate that all of the children began having sex with each and the adults as soon as they were “old enough.”

All of the children, most of which were malnourished, have since been relocated to foster homes and are currently undergoing treatment for their various conditions.