If there is any "good" news to come from the Christmas morning explosion that shook downtown Nashville, it's that no one was seriously injured, except for Anthony Warner, the man authorities believe to be responsible for the blast. With that said, several homes and business took extensive damage, including an AT&T facility that caused service disruptions in several surrounding states including our three in the Tri-State area.

Customers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois were some of the thousands who experienced issues with service on Christmas Day and the days that have followed due to the blast damage leading some to have data overage charges billed to their account. Given the extraordinary circumstances that caused the outages and subsequent charges, AT&T released a statement through their website over the weekend saying they would be waiving any overage charges their wireless and prepaid customers may have incurred from December 27th to this Thursday, December 31st (2020).

The company notes you may still receive notifications on your device regarding the overages, however if you check your account, those charges should show as waived, or the amount of the overage charged should be credited to your account.

Of our three states in the area, the majority of service disruptions impacted residents in the southern part of Kentucky closer to the Tennessee border, as well as nearly every western Kentucky county in our listening area that begins with 420, 423, or 424. Indiana was second with customers in area codes starting with 476 or 477 being impacted, while Pulaski County in Illinois was the only county affected in that state.

Visit the AT&T website for a complete list of zip codes for each state.

[Source: AT&T]

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