As someone who has Asperger's, theis documentary speaks to me on a personal level.


Asperger Syndrome is on the higher-functioning end of the Autism Spectrum that effects your ability to socialize and the simplest terms. It's really much more than that. Not understanding basic social cues. Not being able to understand when sarcasm is being used, or other conversational and verbal cues. Having trouble displaying and showing emotion (We feel just takes a while to get our face to do the thing we're feeling.) Severe social anxiety. Having hyper sensitivity to sounds, touch, and lights. Being super uncomfortable with physical contact. Difficulty multi-tasking. Being hyper focused and obsessed with one thing for a long period of time.The list can go on and on...


For these guys to put themselves in the spotlight, out in public, in front of people, says a lot about what they believe in and what they want to do .


Never let a disability stop you from achieving your goals.


I have Asperger's. I work in radio and have a degree in theater with a performance and costume design emphasis. An Aspie in theater? Practically unheard of. (Seriously, I was a shock to the whole department in the beginning...) But I never let my disability stop me. Yeah, I had some major road blocks to work through, but I found ways for my Asperger's to work to my advantage.


I struggle every day of my life but I don't stop. I can't stop. I am never going to let my Aspergers keep me from doing something I love. Does it slow me down? Sure, occasionally. But I will never let it stop me.


Just like these guys didn't let it stop them.


"When you have Asperger's you can do things that are really, really great. Not in spite of having autism, but through it."



"Asperger's Are Us" will be available on iTunes Tuesday, Nov. 15th.

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