Asking Alexandria have seen some pretty outrageous stuff in their time as a band. But perhaps nothing beats the instance when one especially brazen fan presented their penis for the British rockers to autograph.

It's one of the strangest encounters with a listener that the group's Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce can remember. The phallic incident was brought to light in an interview on Wednesday (July 15), when the Asking Alexandria members each responded to a user-submitted question about the weirdest things they've received from fans over the years. Looking back on their career, both musicians had very different answers.

"Someone did present their penis to sign and rather comically handed us one of those mini Sharpies to sign it with," Bruce replied to Metal Hammer. "We couldn't have done that today."

Added Worsnop, "Someone pulled a knife out and asked me to carve my name in them."

The question was one of many among a group of mostly unconventional queries. The interview unfolded via conference call due to the coronavirus pandemic, of which Bruce said he and his clan have likely been affected.

"I'm pretty convinced the coronavirus worked its way through my family," the Asking Alexandria guitarist explained. "We didn't get tested, we stayed at home, but my mum called [a medical helpline] explaining my symptoms. My kids had really high fevers to the point we had to take them in, my lungs felt like someone was squeezing them closed but we're all over it now!"

Worsnop said his daily timetable hasn't changed much because of the pandemic.

"My current schedule during quarantine is the exact same schedule as when we’re not quarantined," the singer offered. "I wake up, I work out, I record the podcast and then I go in my studio and work on music — we just started doing Twitch streams so I do that — then I work a little bit more."

In May, Asking Alexandria released their sixth studio album, Like a House on FireIt followed the release of no less than five related singles: "House on Fire," "Down to Hell," "Antisocialist," "They Don't Want What We Want (And They Don't Care)" and "The Violence."

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