Just as Arrow Season 5 began with a vision of Laurel Lance’s legacy, our first look at Season 6 is all about the Black Canary as well. See for yourself, as new production art from Season 6 teases a familiar costume, and glass to break in case of emergency.

Arrow Season 6 production art;
once again focused on memorializing Black Canary. Whether or not they rebuilt the statue in Star City remains unknown, but it seems Oliver made room in the bunker for a Black Canary display case. Somehow, we’re guessing that costume won’t stay behind glass for long.

And while Oliver’s reflection belongs to an earlier production photo (this one), it’s worth noting that the artwork raises certain questions. We know Oliver watched the “Lian Yu” explosion from a distance, as well that both Katie Cassidy’s Earth-2 Laurel and Juliana Harkavy’s Dinah Drake will be back full-time in Season 6, but might Oliver have more specific reason to contemplate (or seal away) the memory of Black Canary?

Guggenheim also recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly to tease that there might be more to that island explosion than merely life or death:

A lot of the discussion that we’ve had and a lot of the discussion we’ve seen online is very binary — people either live or they’ll die. There are other consequences that can come out of what happened at the end of [episode] 523. While everyone is focused on one thing, you know us on Arrow, we may be doing something else.

It remains to be seen how Arrow will preview Season 6 without giving away who survived the finale (Walking Dead déjà vu), but stay tuned for the latest on the fall premiere.

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