Do you have what it takes to go bungee jumping over 200 feet off of this bridge in Kentucky?

Like so many others, I have a massive fear of heights. The idea of skydiving or bungee jumping haunts me in my nightmares. However, I know a lot of thrill seekers who have no fear when it comes to heights. They would literally "jump" at the opportunity to do something like bungee jumping. If you are one of those people, would you like to give it a try on top of an over-100-year-old bride in Kentucky?

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Vertigo Bungee Facebook
Vertigo Bungee Facebook

Vertigo Bungee

I'll bet that you didn't know that there's a bungee jumping opportunity in Kentucky that will send you plummeting toward the Kentucky River. Located in Lawrenceburg, you will find Vertigo Bungee, the ultimate test for thrill seekers. According to Visit Lawrenceburg:

In the shadows of the Wild Turkey distillery, spanning the Kentucky River, you’ll find Young’s High Bridge, a railroad bridge built more than 100 years ago that is now a permanent bungee jumping platform. Adventurous folks from all over come here one weekend a month, May through October, to bungee jump toward the river 240 feet below. It’s an experience like no other, and one you won’t find anywhere else in the eastern United States.

To some, I know that a 240 feet dive might not sound like much, but it's way higher up than you think when you are looking down.

Vertigo Bungee Facebook
Vertigo Bungee Facebook

Now I have to admit, while I am terrified of heights and this is far from something that I'd ever want to do. Watching the video below about Vertigo Bungee had me thinking "maybe I should push my limits"...but then I remembered how accident-prone I was. You should check out the story behind Vertigo Bungee below and maybe you might get inspired to jump!

If you are interested in making the trip to Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to take a dive off of this bridge, you can book your trip by clicking here.

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