Everyone loves a good laugh, especially on April Fools Day. Evansville Germania Maennerchor will be providing just that for a good cause.

Saturday, April 1st marks the annual tradition of April Fools Day. Some people thrive and love April Fools Day, while others just want to get it over with. Some of these pranks and jokes people pull are pretty funny, some are pretty bad, and others are uncalled for. Personally, I love a good April Fools Day laugh. If you're like me, then you might want to attend the first April Fool’s Theater on Saturday, April 1st with the Evansville Germania Maennerchor.

April Fools' Day
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What is April Fool's Theater?

Simply put, this is an evening of sketch comedy and general entertainment. There will be some great items being raffled off, a cash bar, and more. According to the Evansville Germania Maennerchor

<div class="x11i5rnm xat24cr x1mh8g0r x1vvkbs xdj266r x126k92a"><div dir="auto">Join Germania for an evening of fun, frivolity &amp; adult humor at our first Fool’s Theater on Saturday, April 1st at 7pm! JUST $10 per person or buy a VIP table of six (with table service included) for $100!</div></div><div class="x11i5rnm xat24cr x1mh8g0r x1vvkbs xtlvy1s x126k92a"><div dir="auto">Cash bar, raffle items &amp; Fund-A-Need Heads &amp; Tails game with $300 cash to the winner! One attendee will win a vacation package including one night stay in a beach view room at The Island Resort at Fort Walton Beach, FL and $250 worth of Fort Walton-area restaurant gift certificates.</div></div>
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Here's the cool thing about the event: all proceeds for Fool’s Theater benefit Echo Housing’s programs to provide permanent housing for previously homeless veterans and families with minor children. So, you can take part in a few laughs and have a good time for a great local cause.
This event will take place at Evansville Germania Maennerchor, located at 916 N Fulton Ave, Evansville, IN 47710. Call Germania at 812-422-1915 after 3 pm Monday-Saturday to reserve tickets or buy them here online: https://www.evvgermanclub.com/events/fools-theater-2023

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