So you have been making mashed potatoes for a long time, but are you making them like this?

Tik Tok has brought us a lot of entertainment lately. It has also taught us a thing or two that we may not have known before.

The video platform allows users to share videos of all kinds. Singing, dancing, funny content, and even educational hacks. My favorite thing to watch on TikT ok are the life hacks. Some of them I already knew about, others I am discovering for the first time like so many others. There are quite a few that I will see that make me think "why didn't I think of this before?!"

This is one of those videos. Now, I am a big fan of the Tik Tok videos that are about life changing food hacks. I recently wrote about a video I saw about a genius hack to making mac & cheese. Who doesn't love mac & cheese, right? It's one of America's favorite side dishes. Another popular side dish is mashed potatoes. They are fairly simple to make. Just boil the potatoes, smash them up, add salt, pepper, milk, and butter and there you go. However, according to Tik Tok, you're making it all wrong.

One Tik Toker from San Antonio says that instead of boiling the potatoes in water, you really need to boil them in chicken stock. She also said that you can use beef stock instead, depending on what type of meat you're serving. This is a very interesting idea that I never thought about. I have replaced milk with sour cream in the past and it turned out very well. I never thought to skip out on the water and replacing it with chicken stock before.

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Other people on Tik Tok have tried her mashed potato hack as well and they loved it. Other people tried it and said she's right, they do taste better that way. In order for it to come out perfect, she cuts it with a cup of water to dilute it, then adds extra salt. After that you just do what you normally would when making mashed potatoes by adding the butter and milk while mashing them When you make your mashed potatoes like this, they are supposed to come out creamier and more flavorful than if you just boil them in water. So, I need to make some mashed potatoes in the near future and give this a try!

(H/T- BuzzFeed)


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