Thanks to video conferencing, musicians are still finding ways to collaborate, even while social distancing. One of the more intriguing recent pairings found Anthrax's Charlie Benante inviting Testament's Alex Skolnick and Suicidal Tendencies' Ra Diaz to join him for a jam of the Rush classic, "YYZ."

Given Rush's dynamic music, taking on their work is not always the easiest thing. And given all three musicians are located in three different spots probably makes it even more challenging, but yet it all comes together quite well.

"Here is our version of the @Rush classic #YYZ," wrote Benante in the video's description. "@rush inspired all 3 of us to be better musicians. #alexlifeson #geddylee and the great #neilpeart not only played amazing, they also wrote some of the best songs. We are honored to play a little #YYZ for you. Hope this magic music makes your morning/afternoon Alex Skolnick and Ra Diaz are so Amazing - I love Rush."

The Rush cover is the latest in Benante's recently launched "Yo! Watch the Beat" video series. The drummer has been showing his talents on multiple instruments, revisiting the instrumental parts of some of his favorite tracks. This marks one of the few times so far he's been joined in his performance.

"Yo! Watch the Beat" started with Benante drumming the familiar beat of The Knack's "My Sharone" and has seen him take on music from Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Iron Maiden, Van Halen and more over the last couple of weeks. Check out his work here.

Charlie Benante, Alex Skolnick + Ra Diaz Cover Rush's "YYZ"

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