This is exactly the kind of movie we needed after Infinity War.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the buddy cop movie we needed after Infinity War.

In tv show terms, it is a "filler". It has little to do with the over-all plot of the Marvel movies we've had so far (no Infinity Stones or SHIELD or HYDRA), but it was fun and entertaining enough for me to keep watching and forget that over half of my favorite Marvel characters are currently dust in the wind.

It distracted me from the pain in my heart that I'm still feeling after Infinity War.

It was a pallet cleanser.

And it has one of my all time movie weaknesses: A villain I sympathize with. It's not just a villain that's doing bad stuff to be bad, or has an grand scale idea of world domination. It's one of those villains where, when you hear their backstory you're like, "Damn it, I understand where they're coming from..."

As long as you don't watch the mid-credits scene, everything seems to have a happy ending.

Just be like Pheobe's mom and pretend it ends happy after the credits start rolling.

The movie also answers a lot of questions we've had for a while, like "What happened to Scott after he was rescued from the Raft by Cap at the end of Civil War?" and "Why wasn't he in Infinity War?" and "Will he be in the next Avengers movie? Will the Wasp?"

Over-all, it is fun for the whole family, and just what we needed after what went down in April.

And it's in theaters now!

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